That's me all rugged up, on a shivering cold winters day at Lake Gordon Tasmania.

 I discovered my passion for photography as a small child. We would visit my Italian grandparents every week, and often she would bring out the old photo albums and we would sit, gaze and listen to the stories of our ancestors. It fascinated me to no end, and even now I still cherish those moments! The torn edges and the grainy black and white photos only seemed to add more charm and character to each image. 


I remember the excitement I felt when I finally purchased my first camera, it was a Red Canon Snappy. You see I needed it for my first overseas holiday to Europe, when I was 22 years of age. I tried so hard to emulate the photos that I had seen in travel magazines, but never forgot my disappointment when I finally had all the photos developed from my big trip! I think out of the approximately 6 or 7 rolls I shot, I only liked a handful of photos. I desperately needed to improve my skills!


My passion for photography was reignited again when we had our first child. I could hardly put my camera down and was documenting her life from almost day one, then we had another child 16 months later and I had twice as much fun photographing the two of them. But it was probably the third child that had to put up with me the most, and my constant desire to seek that 'perfect' photo!


Zoom to the year 2012, when my youngest brother was getting married and he knew I could take a shot or two. He had asked me to capture his wedding. I said "I'll think about it". Secretly, I actually wanted him to ask me and of course I willingly obliged! They loved the photos and so did everyone else. I had a few family members and friends tell me I should start a business - a seed had been planted - but I still had so much more to learn. For the next couple of years, I practiced and I poured myself into hours and hours of education. I made sure that I improved - I went to workshops and learnt from the best. I asked great photographers from around the world questions, on lighting, on composition, on what makes a great image, and I also entered a lot photo competitions, and I mean a lot! But boy was it worth it, the critique I would get on my work was invaluable! It all helped me to develop into the photographer I am now.

My love for children and their innocence can be seen in the way I love to capture them, usually having fun. Don't be surprised if I ask them to run, and run. The excitement on their little faces lights up every session, to the point that they don't even notice it's a photo shoot but, an event in which they can enjoy themselves. When I'm photographing weddings, I am really in my element.  I find it so energizing. Capturing the emotion of a couple in love, through the lens, is intense, it can be quite overwhelming sometimes! 

Some of the benefits I have with my work is  I get to combine my passion for photography and love of people. The positive experiences I get from seeing my clients faces light up when they view their photos is priceless! I really hope I can get to work with you one day!


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Perth Western Australia - Wedding, Family and Child Photographer

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