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My passion for photography formed at a tender age, thanks in large part to my Nonna (Italian for “grandma”). Nonna – a passionate, patriotic woman – had a habit of bringing out her old photo albums each time my younger self stopped for a visit. Running her fingers softly across each image, Nonna would share our ancestors’ stories while I gazed at each shot. Needless to say, I grew to cherish these moments with Nonna.


At 22, I finally purchased my first camera for my overseas holiday to Europe. Overcome with excitement, I strived to emulate the photos I had seen in travel magazines. Much to my chagrin, my never-ending rolls of film yielded only a handful of good shots! I desperately needed to improve my skills.


At 26 our first child came along and I could hardly put my camera down, documenting her life from almost day one. By this point, my skills had grown, and some of my photos finally made it on my parent’s walls! With the birth of our second and third came a further increase in skills, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I had the chance to see what I was really made of.


2012 was the year my youngest brother got married, and I badly wanted to capture his wedding! Naturally, I couldn’t have been happier when he offered me the gig! The wedding was sublime and the photos not far off, and before long, friends and family were suggesting I launch a photography business. A fertile seed had been planted – but I had much to learn. So for the next two years, I poured myself into hours of education. I went to workshops, talked to great photographers and rubbed shoulders with the best.


And now here I am today – full-fledged professional photographer! If you ask me what I like most about my job, I’d say it’s the joy of combining photography with people – my two loves in life. But there’s so much more to it than that. There’s the privilege of capturing a tender couple in love. There’s the delight of watching a child shoot past my lens - yes, I do like to get your kids running, and they tend to forget they’re in a photo shoot . And then there’s the bliss of seeing a client as they beam at their new photos.


I hope I get to share this with you one day!


0451 463 304

Perth Western Australia - Wedding, Family and Children's Photographer

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