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Family and Children photo shoot packages
Bronze - $350.00 - 25 edited high resolution digital images 

Silver  - $390.00 - 30 edited high resolution digital images      
Gold -  $470.00 - 40 edited high resolution digital images  
(6 or more people)
On average, in less than two days your photos will be ready for viewing.



    Step 1. We need get to know each other.  I will be the first to admit that all wedding shoots are different, there
    is not one size that fits all. You deserve the perfect fit to capture your wedding day in the way you've always              dreamed  about, after all you want me to tell your story by capturing real, candid, fun, and intimate moments.            Your session or wedding should be a joyful experience; one that you'll always remember. Not only do I want
    you to enjoy yourself, but in many years to come I want you to look back on your photos and see the
    happiness radiate through. I want you to relive those moments! The first step in the process is making sure
    we connect. After chatting online or over the phone and getting to know each other a little more, if we seem
    like a great match then we'll move on to the booking process!
    I can't wait to hear from you. Call me to start planning your wedding photography today!



Up to 3hrs - from wedding preparations to end of reception - You will receive 60 fully edited, high resolution digital images -   $900.00

Up to 5hrs - from wedding preparations to end of reception - You will receive 100  fully edited, high resolution digital images,  -   $1400.00

Up to 6hrs - from wedding preparations to end of reception - You will receive 120  fully edited, high resolution digital images,  -  $1700.00

Up to 7hrs - from wedding preparations to end of reception - You will receive 140  fully edited, high resolution digital images,  -  $1950.00


Packages can be made up consisting of every image taken on request.

Add $250.00 if you wish to have a high quality photo book.



      Where will we shoot your photography session? 

      I prefer natural light, so being outdoors is a given for me, however if you wish to have a studio image I        can arrange that for families and children. I also offer social media images which I shoot in my                    home with studio lighting and various backdrops.

     What do I wear?

     It’s up to you.  My recommendation is to wear clothing without logos, stripes, checks or distracting               patterns. Anything that could catch the eye and move it away from the faces in the picture is
     generally not ideal. If you want to coordinate, that’s up to you. I recommend neutral tones, however
     if you prefer dark tones, then everyone else in the family should dress likewise. Just remember
     you want your photographs to be timeless, so keep it simple and classic. Please also note that what
     you wear can dictate where the photographs are taken. i.e a session at the beach will mean you can keep       your dress more casual.
Is there a time limit?

     I do not have a time limit on our sessions. I do quote for a specific session time. If your session goes             over the time by 15 + minutes, I charge $75.00 extra for the first additional hour, and then $60.00 extra         for each hour on top of that.
      You've made a booking now what?     
     To secure the booking I will ask for $100.00 bank deposit prior to a family/child photo shoot, and                 30% of the package price of your wedding. Generally the deposit is non-refundable but fully                         transferable towards another booking. 

     When will my photos be ready? 

     I have often been told my turnaround is generally super quick (see my testimonial page). Family and             portrait shots will usually be ready within a few days. Wedding photos take from one to two weeks,               but sometimes less. It all depends on the quantity of photos I've taken and how busy I am at the time. 
     Do you offer engagement photos?
     Yes I do. I also offer pet photography and studio images.

Do you charge extra for travel?   

     If the location  of your photo shoot is further than 35 km from my home I will add an extra $30.00 to the final




0451 463 304
Perth Western Australia - Wedding, Family and Children's Photographer

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